We sale TEKSAN Generator the proud of Turkey Industrial Powered by engine like (Perkins UK , Dossan Korea , Scania swish) from 9 KVA to 2800 KVA generating heads like (Lory SomerFrance– Krambton)

1- after sale:

We believe that after sales services are more important than the sales process itself.
KM team assists you in the purchase & provides high quality services from installation to Genuine Parts support, use and maintenance of your diesel generator set. Our hard-working team ensures that no matter where you are, you can avail of expert support from highly skilled service engineers.

2 - Maintenance:

KM offers the utmost in generator support and repair, with fully trained engineers and a fleet of resources.
KM  is able to offer a total package in power maintenance on any type of generator regardless its origin or brand for twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year.
We also provide maintenance contracts that include periodical maintenance & technical check-ups according to the customer need.
Contact our service department for details on maintenance contracts and services available for all generators regardless of supplier or brand.
Our engineers provide up-to-date technical information and provide answers to technical queries related to:
•    engine model identification
•    power curves
•    heat balances
•    noise
•    fuel consumption
•    engine ratings
•    engine service and repair
We also provide technical assistance and problems solving.

3- installation:

Choosing the perfect location

While determining a suitable location for your generator set there are many aspects you have to take into consideration. Access, space for maintenance, noise, ventilation, exhaust piping, fuel piping, humidity, and temperature are some of the factors that must be considered. A location where temperature conditions are controlled and noise isolation from main working area is preferred.

Level of ground

The generator should be placed on a level surface, which is non-combustible and non-conducting and a little above the ground level to prevent its contact from rising water levels.

Electrical connections (wiring)

To connect a standby generator to your existing electrical system, you’ll need a separate device called an Automatic Transfer Switch. The transfer switch is an essential safety system that prevents your generator from feeding electricity back to the local power grid.
Do not attempt to install a transfer switch yourself. Installation of transfer switches always requires a professional electrician. The model of transfer switch will depend mainly on the size of your generator. In very high-priority situations such as hospital

Connecting the fuel tank

Extreme care should be taken when designing and installing the fuel system. Fuel lines should have few connections as far as possible and it should be kept away from hot engine or exhaust components. The fuel tanks should be in a level with or below the set to prevent siphoning in the event of a line failure. If the set is higher level than the tank, an auxiliary fuel pump may be required.

Testing the generator

test the generator and make sure that it works very efficiency

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